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Why get a free publishing software program?

When we think of publishing software programs, we immediately think of the popular brands such as Microsoft and Adobe. While these programs are undoubtedly the best in the market, they also are the most expensive. If you are looking to start your very own publishing business but only have a limited budget, there are a number of different programs that could be downloaded over the Internet for free. These programs provide the same features that licensed publishing softwares from Microsoft and Adobe can provide. Here are the best software that you can get over the Internet for free.


OpenOffice is perhaps the most popular among the free publishing software programs that are available over the Internet. It provides you everything and anything that you would need from a publishing software program. From creating word documents and spreadsheets to developing presentation materials and databases for your mailing lists, OpenOffice is able to provide you with all these applications. It works with any platform so whether you are using Linux or a Mac OS, you are able to download software and install this into your computer.

Scribus Desktop Publishing

Scribus Desktop Publishing is an open-source publishing software program that can work on all platforms. As with other pricey desktop publishing programs, Scribus Desktop Publishing provides all the necessary features that you would need to design and create just about any printed material. From basic templates that you can use to create business materials to the more advanced features such as CMYK color separations and ICC color management, Scribus Desktop Publishing can be used to create professional looking materials even if you are just a beginner. On top of that, it provides its users with the ability to convert these materials into PDF files. This would allow you to easily minimize the file size of the business material you have created without sacrificing on its quality.

Serif SE

Serif SE is a Windows-based publishing software program that combines word processing with the ability for you to choose the typeset and create impressive page layouts right in your own computer. Aside from this, Serif SE provides users a drawing tool and an image editing tool that allows you to modify and edit images before including it in the material you are creating. It also comes with a Web publishing software program so you can create your own webpage and upload it over the Internet without the need of having to know HTML or use any web developing software programs. With its 3D Plus software, you can immediately jazz up your webpage with the use of 3-dimensional images and text, making your website look as if you have hired a professional web developer to do the job.

Best Free Publishing Software Programs

Last Updated on October 4, 2022