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The Blue Screen Dump File is also known as the Blue Screen of Death that happens to windows type operating system. If you run Vista, you might occasionally get this error. What you will see is typically a blue screen that “hangs” your computer. There is no way that the computer can be accessed. Any documents typed will be lost.

The Blue Screen Dump File is sometimes a one time issue. It happens once and it does not return again.When that happens, there is no need to find a patch or blue screen fix for your computer. However, if the issue is persistent, there are 2 easy ways that can return your PC back to its original state, and save yourself the blue screen dump file error issue or losing your Microsoft Word documents.

1. The 1st method is to run a scan and see if there are problems with your PC’s registry. The registry contains all the data and software information installed in your computer. If there are errors, just run a quick 1 button fix. Because, there are many registry cleaners in the market. You’ll want to get a registry cleaner that works best for your computer. From my experience, there are some registry cleaners that don’t work well with Printer Drivers such as Brother and can cause your 3 in 1 printer/scanner/fax to stop functioning.

A good registry cleaner will not only repair your registry and remove conflicts, it can also speed up your computer.

2. The 2nd method is to check if your RAM or Random Access Memory is functioning properly. A quick process by elimination method is just to remove one RAM and run your computer. If it works, then the issue was with the other stick of RAM. Then purchase a new stick of RAM.

Blue Screen Dump File

Last Updated on October 4, 2022