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Brother provides a broad range of printers, fax machines as well as multifunctional printers. However, the number of error codes commonly found within them could confuse the most skilled troubleshooter. We will discuss the most common errors and how to fix these issues.

Error code E50: Fuser unit damage

It could happen when the roller of the heat is damaged or destroyed. It is recommended to replace the heat roller on your Brother laser printer with a brand new heat roller.

Error code : E51 Problem with protection of the laser beam

This error code means that the mirror, beam or the lid are not sitting properly. You must adjust the settings to restore you Brother laser printer to work once more.

Error code : S05: Problem on data bus

This error code signifies that the data transfer through the parallel port is affected. The majority of the time this issue is easily solved by simply resetting your printer.

Error code ‘machine error’: board issues

This type of error is usually accompanied by a the continuous sound of Your Brother Fax machine. It is essential to look at the solder joints to determine whether they are cold in the power supply area. It is also important to look for the joints on all other boards prior to going to the replacement. If you don’t see any improvement after replacing the board, consider changing the capacitors that are on the board to power source.

Error message “Black pages”

This error code is typically a sign of the printing of black pages using Your Brother laser printer. This is typically the case with the Brother 960 and 1260 models. This indicates it is the HVPS is the cause. It is necessary to replace the diodes listed below and replace them with jumper wires. The diodes D31, D33, D30 and D32 will require replacement. To replace the jumper wire, you will require an size of around 22 gauge.

Error message : ‘Check the paper path’

The problem lies in the paper path that can be corrected by removing the your paper hopper. Clean the ejecting rollers of the paper.

Error message “Cutter problems”

This error message is displayed in the event of an obstruction to paper or the device isn’t cutting paper correctly. It is essential to determine whether the spring of the cutter is broken or not. Be sure to remove the cutter and clean it as also lubricate. If the issue persists, Try replacing the gear train.

Error message ‘Poor copy quality’

There are times when you might see dots of grey color on the paper that you just sent by fax. Be sure to verify that the glass and mirrors are free of dust. If they are clean, it is the camera. Try troubleshooting the issue by unplugging your Brother Fax device for an entire night. It could be a good idea to not have to pay for an expensive camera replacement!


Brother Laser Printer – Fax & Brother Multifunction Printer Error Codes & How to Fix Them