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If you are like one of an estimated 75 million owners of a digital camera, at some point in time, your camera will more than likely develop one or more problems and would be in need of digital camera repair. Common problems include cracked LCDs, broken battery doors, jammed lenses or board level problems.

There are a set of digital camera models however, that develop their own unique problems, all stemming back to a batch of defective CCDs that Sony produced and used in these camera models.

To start with, what is a CCD? A CCD is a Charged-Coupled Device, that “enables the transportation of analog signals through successive stages and are used as a form of memory or delaying samples of analog signals”.

Now for that in English: In the digital camera world, CCDs are used by the camera to capture the image that is shown by the lens, translate it into a digital signal and send it along to the image processor to be converted and saved to the memory card.

What’s the big deal with the faulty CCD? Well Sony produced a series of CCDs for various digital cameras between the years of 2003 and 2005, for at least 20 different models. And in higher heat and humidity conditions, the CCDs would begin to fail, producing some crazy looking images or causing a black screen to show on your camera (Before you starting thinking your camera has a bad CCD, PLEASE check and make sure your “display” button is not pressed and just shutting the LCD off).

So what does this mean for the consumer? Simple: If you own a camera that is covered under the Sony CCD recall, and your camera develops a problem as described above, you can generally send your camera to the manufacturer and get the CCD repaired for free. The largest affected manufacturers are Canon, Konica Minolta(now part of Sony) and Sony, but luckily for consumers, these manufacturers are standing behind their products and fixing their faulty CCDs. At one time the manufacturers were just replacing the cameras with new models, but lately it seems, they have gotten the CCDs fixed and are replacing them for you. Same camera, but you get a new, updated CCD and many more years of memories!

As Sony is the original sensor manufacturer for all of the other manufacturers’ products listed (and given the vast array of products that they manufacture themselves) it should come as no great surprise that Sony has by far, the greatest number of affected products. This should not be taken as indicating any inherent deficiency in Sony products beyond the now discontinued sensors.

Don’t throw your digital camera away if it has a bad CCD and it is covered under this recall, get it repaired for free! The best part about having the manufacturer repair your camera under this recall is that they will inspect, test, calibrate and update the camera as well as replacing the CCD with an updated version that will not fail as the first one did!

If your camera takes only solid black photos, or blurry pink/purple photos, call your manufacturer and ask them if the camera is on the CCD recall list today! If your camera is on the CCD recall list and you do not have this problem, YOU WILL in the future, so get it repaired now before the recall ends!

Cameras With Defective CCD’s Can Be Fixed For Free!