Ink and Toner for Northern NV Businesses

Nowadays, everyone wants the electronic gadgets that are configured to be multifunctional rather than those that are configured for a single purpose. This has brought tremendous changes in the white goods, especially the office automation items. One of the office automation items which has undergone huge evolution and upgrading is the Canon Copier which is now available in combination with a printer. This means that you do not have to buy another printer, if you have a multifunctional Canon Copier.


Making the Canon copier work as a printer serves two purposes simultaneously. It has been been designed to yield high quality laser prints. This machine has a single cartridge system. This gadget is nearly maintenance free. One has to just insert the cartridge and install the proper connections. Having done this the Canon copier can not only work as a copier but also a printer.


One has to use the platen glass for copying single page originals. For multi-page originals one has to use a 30 sheet automatic document feeder. You have to just program the quantity that is needed by you. One has got the option of collating the multi page documents. If you use the 500 sheet paper cassette you can have a large size of paper print. There is a multipurpose tray too. This multipurpose tray can have an array of different types and sizes of paper. The resolution of the copied matter is quite high. The speed of copying is also excellent. People want the copier to be as fast as possible. Speed ​​and clarity are one of the most important aspects of any copier machine.


The Canon copier can also be used as a printer. With reference to printing, the resolution of the copier is as high as 2400 dpi. The speed of printing the printouts is also quite high. This machine is also compatible with the personal computer. Thus, when you join the Canon copier to the computer you can easily get the printouts. You need not buy another special printer for the computer printouts.

Cost effective

When two purposes are being served by a single machine it is obvious that it has to be cost effective. The first major advantage is that you are saved from the expenses of buying two machines. In this case you just have to buy one. The maintenance cost of this machine is quite low because it is simple to operate without any major complications. Moreover, when you buy the machine from a registered dealer you are assured of after sales service. A single cartridge serves two purposes. So, you do not have to buy different toners for two different purposes of printing and copying. This multifunctional machine also saves your expenses on electricity because in the event of two machines operating in your office the electricity bill would always be higher than the electricity bill for a single machine. In this age of cost effectiveness when every one is trying to reduce the expenses, buying a Canon copier that can be used as a printer could be one of the most important and crucial decisions to save money.

Canon Copier As Printer