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Hewlett Packard is known for powerful and compact printing equipment. The printers are simple to operate and can be combined with both commercial and home needs seamlessly. HP printers are adaptable to all Windows operating system. However, there are some unsettling instances where users cannot recognize their printers following an upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. This issue could cause confusion and may have multiple reasons relating to drivers for printers. This issue can be resolved without the need for advanced technical expertise. This article will offer the best solutions for tackling this problem.

Fix Windows 10 can’t detect My HP Printer

Solution 1-Update Drivers for Printers on Windows 10

The upgrade to the latest Operating System like Windows 10 could remove incompatible applications and programs from your system which could cause this problem. To eliminate the possibility that driver issues that causes printer problems or not being detected as a bug it is recommended to go ahead and update your drivers to the most recent and compatible ones. You may also go to the HP official website to update your drivers and then by hand. If you are unsure you may use a the driver update tool, such as “Driver Talent” that provides the latest and compatible printer drivers for all devices.

Solution 2 Use the troubleshooting features of Windows 10.

Click here to go to the control panel for Printers.

* Next, navigate to “Troubleshoot an attached printer”

You can now search for your printer within the list beneath ” Printers” Click right on it.

Select the menu and select Troubleshoot Now . Follow the on-screen instructions for troubleshooting the printer.

* Next, start Windows troubleshooting

Solution 3: Check to see if your printer has been installed correctly

On your device, click Start and then go to Settings

Go to Devices > Printers & Scanners.

Choose your printer from the dropdown on the top of the window, or click the “Add either a scanner or printer” option”.

* Once your printer is detected, you can follow the prompts on screen for installing it.

Generallyspeaking, Windows automatically detects and installs the appropriate drivers according to the printer you use.

Be aware that in the event that your printer cannot be identified, make sure you examine the power and connections to ensure that your device is connected your device in the correct way.

Solution 4: Delete the printer drivers that were previously installed and then reinstall

* Search Windows and search for devices,

* Click on the “Devices as well as Printers Control Panel” configure

* Right-click the icon to select the correct printer model

Now, click “Remove Device”. (Remove the multiple icons associated with the printer)

* Close your Devices and Printers window

* Then proceed to complete installation of the driver, and connect the device.

In general, these issues can be resolved by following the steps above. Most of the issues are caused by the latest software update triggers modifications to the system’s files and programs. The most current updated and compatible printer driver is able to resolve the issue. If you continue to encounter issues, visit HP Customer Support to know about the appropriate software and Driver Downloads. By entering your printer model you will be able to learn the most compatible and reliable drivers.


Can’t Detect My HP Printer After Windows 10 Update