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The Canon i450 personal inkjet printer is trusted for producing high quality photos and texts – thanks to its Canon QY60054000 cartridge. It is speedy and a great home office assistant for printing jobs. However, there are several printer problems that users have to face. This does not refer to technical problems alone. Some problems also include cost of ownership and more.

Top 4 Most Common Problems with Inkjet Printers:

Problem 1: The printer prints slow. There are many reasons why an inkjet printer prints lesser than its suggested pages per minute.

a. Memory is full or almost full.

b. Too much graphics to print.

c. Print density is high.

Solution: Print more texts instead of graphics. Reduce print density to save more on ink. Increase memory for faster queuing. The Canon i450 for instance only has 56kb memory capacity, which can be improved by adding RAM. Its maximum resolution is 4800 x 1200 dpi for color, reduce up to 600×600 dpi and still achieve crisp texts and graphics. Lastly, switch to draft mode when printing text. If possible, print without graphics from the web to fasten results.

Problem 2: Cost of Consumables

Solution: Ink tanks and cartridges are pretty pricey especially the OEMs. However, for personal printers like Canon i450, savings can still be achieved even when using an OEM Canon QY60054000. For a printer that can handle 100-sheet input capacity, a cartridge with 2,000 page yield is more than sufficient even with frequent printing.

Problem 3: Printing Problems. Smudges, faded prints, light prints, and lines across the page are just some of the common problems encountered when printing. This is mostly due to poor maintenance and defective consumables.

Solution: It is always advised to at least print once or twice a week to keep the ink from clogging the print head. Wipe off or vacuum dust and small particles from the printer’s interior and exterior. They can also cause printing problems. Make sure to store consumables properly to prevent any defects prior to usage.

Problem 4: Troubleshooting. Malfunctions and sudden printer failures are inevitable. However, in most situations the solutions are simple and only needs basic troubleshooting know-how.

Solution: Check the basic parts of the printer – plug, cords, paper tray, and consumables. Most of the printer problems occur here. See if they are securely plugged, attached, and seated. Read the manuals for proper parts or consumables replacement and cleaning procedures.

Printer problems may occur, but the best solution is to be always prepared. See if the printer meets the printing needs of the office and its consumable consumption. Users owning a Canon i450 are guaranteed of high quality prints in 18 ppm speed and a high yield Canon QY60054000 cartridge.

Common Inkjet Printer Problems: Improve Use of Canon I450