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Four things to look for in a computer repair service.

1) Certified Technicians. Looking for these certificates ensures that you will get a computer repair technicians that has studied and been trained to handle electronic equipment properly. Technicians with these certificates are often given membership cards and certificates that certify the completed their exams to earn the qualification. MCP: Microsoft Certified Professional. MCSE: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer A +: CompTIA A + Certified Network +: CompTIA Network + Certified.

2) Customer Reviews: There are many neighborhood computer repair servicesthat can offer a great deal of support for various rates and quality. Visit the company wesbite and look for a place to review customer comments and complaints. If the company does not post comments then you are going to have to take the chance that they are not that great or have some problems.

3) Fair Rates and Service: Computers are so main stream that repairs should not cost an arm and a leg. Look for flat rates or hourly rates at or under $ 100 / hr. Depending on what you need completed you should not pay someone to sit and watch the screen. Most of the installs can take time and paying someone to watch a progress bar is not worth the cost. The actual amount of time a technician actually does WORK on your computer is about half of the time spent while on site. You should also consider the level of customer service that is offered. Do they follow-up with you? Confirm appointments and call before arriving? Do they offer online services like remote support or scheduling and appointment over the internet? You always get what you pay for. Cheap rates = cheap service. High Rates = cheap service with an army of technicians and cute cars in front of your house. Middle Ground Rate = a certified local technician that really knows what they're doing and offers great personalized service.

4) Mobile on Site Repairs: If a company can send a technician to your home to fix your computer or support your electronics you've found a great service. For starters moving a computer can be a hassle. You risk dropping the machine or exposing it to static electricity that can all but kill a power supply or fry your hardware. Your computer is just like a washing machine or dishwasher. Call in a repairman.

Computer Repair Service - Top 4 Things To Look For In Local Computer Support Service