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The new computer runs fast even with low specification rates. The computer runs slow after a few months when you install some programs or when you save data on the hard drive.

There are three reasons to make the computer or the laptop slow:

1. Hard drive issue: the hard drive is full or more than 80% full, this issue could slow down the computer. The seek time of a hard disk measures the amount of time required for the read / write heads to move between tracks over the surfaces of the platters.

2. Memory issue: one of the most important part to make the computer fast and smooth is to increase the memory. When you have many programs run in the background like the Anti Virus, the Weather, Printer, Messenger … etc, these programs keep the memory. I suggest 1GB of Ram for Windows. If you add more, this will help your PC to run faster.

3. Virus and Spyware: Viruses and Spyware One of the main reasons could slow down the computer. When you turn on the computer, the viruses and Spyware run in the start-up mode or in the background, they infect Windows files, registry values ​​and the internet connection. Spyware record everything you do online and on the keyboard. It usually sends a report to the hacker with some confidential information about you. Some of them re-direct you to some scam websites.

Now after we knew about the reasons, we need to fix this problem without calling the computer repair technician.

Regular Maintenance: Windows has a special tools to do the Computer maintenance.

o Hard drive error Check: this way makes your hard drive healthy and fast.

o Defragmentation: defragment the hard drive and re arrange the information and data on the hard drive. The system will tell you if you need the defragmentation or not.

o Uninstall Programs: try to filter your programs and uninstall unnecessary programs. Free up your hard drive as much as you can.

o Temporary Files Clean up: Free tools from Microsoft help you to clean up your Computer from Temporary files.

o Virus and Spyware Scan: Update your Anti Virus always and run full scan to clean up your Computer from Viruses, Trojan, Worms, Ad ware and Pop-ups. If you do not have an Anti Virus, try to download a free Anti Virus or Anti Spyware, install it, do the update then scan your Computer.

o Add More Memory: When you have an old computer, the best way to optimize your computer and make it fast.

If you have good experience you could add some memory by your self, or you could hire a Computer repair Company in Toronto.

Computer Slow Repairs