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DirtySock.dll… yes it’s one of the strangest named files in Windows, but it’s continually causing errors for FIFA players around the World. The file is used to help compute a number of important settings, options and files which enable the Fifa game (& others) to load up a number of important options for the game. If you’re receiving errors with this file, it means that you have to be able to fix any of the problems that your system may have – a process which can be carried out by using the tutorial outlined on this page.

What Causes The DirtySock Error?

  • Your PC will have errors preventing it from running correctly
  • Windows will be unable to process the files that DirtySock requires to operate
  • Your system will have registry errors / problems

How To Fix DirtySock.dll Errors

The first step to fix the DirtySock error on your PC is to re-install the application that will be leading the errors to appear. This can be done by clicking onto Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs and then selecting which ever game is causing the errors (which will most likely be “FIFA”). Uninstall the program completely from your system, and then make sure that you can restart your PC & install the application again. This will make sure your PC is able to run the game correctly, allowing your system to operate as effectively as possible.

After re-installing the faulty / corrupted application, you should then download new version of DirtySock.dll, and then place it onto your system. This will not only ensure that your computer is able to run as smoothly as possible, but will update the dirtysock.dll file, boosting its performance in the best way possible.

Finally, you also need to be able to clean out any of the registry errors which your system may have. The registry is a large database which stores important information that helps it to recall everything from your desktop wallpaper to your most recent emails – allowing Windows to run considerably smoother and more reliably as a result. You can use a program called a “registry cleaner” to fix the various problems that will result in errors on your system; and we’ve found a tool called Frontline Registry Cleaner 2.0 is the most effective for resolving DirtySock.dll errors on your system. This tool can be used by downloading it onto your PC and then fixing all the parts of the Windows system which are damaged or corrupted.

DirtySock DLL Error Fix Tutorial

Last Updated on April 17, 2022