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Fargo equipment falls into two basic categories – direct to card (DTC) and high definition printing (HDP). All of the machines in their current line can print in full color or monochrome and are compatible with Windows 2000/XP. The Asure ID program is the preferred software for ID formatting but other options are available for some units. If you have any questions about compatibility with other programs, be sure to check with your sales rep before you buy.

Direct to Card Printers:

The Persona C30 boasts the lowest MSRP of all Fargo’s products but it doesn’t sacrifice quality to offer you a great price. This tiny 8 pound desktop model brings vivid card printing to small businesses and anyone who is working on a tight budget. The unit is designed to be simple for employees to use and each snap-in replacement ribbon comes with a card cleaning roller already incorporated for easy maintenance. You can choose the dual sided version of this model for applications that require lots of text, or the M30 if your card designs require only one color per job. The Persona C30 and DTC400 also have the ability to print on 10 mil and rewritable cards – something other Fargo models aren’t equipped to do.

The DTC400 and DTC550 are similar in many of their capabilities, but each has its own advantages. The DTC550 is intended for higher volume use, so you will definitely want to invest a little extra and go with this larger model if you will be printing cards frequently or in bulk. The 550 can also have a lamination unit and card hopper lock added to enhance your card security. The advantage of the 400 model lies in the number of options that can be added in the field after purchase. If you wish to buy a printer now and add dual sided capabilities, mag stripe, or e-card encoding, you can do so at any time with the help of a technician when you pick this model. With the 550 series you will need to select your encoding options at the time you place your order. Both units have excellent warranties – just be sure to add a cleaning kit to your shopping cart to keep your machine in top condition.

High Definition Printers:

All of Fargo’s HDP models use thermal retransfer printing to deliver a final product with crisp and clear images printed on just about any 30 mil or 50 mil card. This includes those manufactured from non-standard materials and featuring uneven surfaces (such as proximity cards with embedded antenna). In this type of print process the dye and resin are deposited on the underside of a strip of plastic film and then bonded to the card surface for an immaculate finish. Since Fargo supplies each HDP unit with a lifetime printhead warranty, your money is well spent on these machines.

The HDP5000 is a great buy for any corporation that places a high value on the image it presents to clients. This unit offers “over the edge” printing for a professional format that eliminates unsightly white borders. This machine is ideal for mid-sized marketing needs as well as access control. With its smart screen LCD control panel and simple operation, training is fast and efficient. Add lamination, dual sided printing, and encoding to ensure this equipment meets all your current and future needs.

The HDP600 is Fargo’s highest quality printer and can be equipped with all the bells and whistles available across the industry. This FIPS compliant machine can incorporate the latest options including an external print server, e-card docking station, contact and contactless capabilities, proximity reader, and a 3 track mag stripe encoder. With a 200 card input hopper provided standard, this workhorse is the ideal printer for high volume jobs. Select the modules that allow you to print both sides of a card, encode, and laminate it in a single pass for ease of use.

Finally, the HDP600-CR100 occupies the top of the range price-wise and is specifically designed to create oversized photo ID cards. This specialty application is ideal for environments where crowd control and instant identification are essential. Lamination and holographic topcoats can provide even more security for these forgery resistant badges. Look for Fargo to add encoding options for this model soon.

About the Company: Fargo Electronics, Inc. was founded over 35 years ago and continues to expand today. Since being named to the Forbes Top 200 small business list in 2005, the company has gone on to experience even more success. Their reputation for producing high quality security solutions has garnered many lucrative government contracts. They have also made a name for themselves in other fields such as health care and R&D where privacy concerns are of paramount importance. If you are considering adding yourself to the company’s distinguished client list, you are sure to find equipment that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Fargo ID Card Printers Overview

Last Updated on October 4, 2022