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When you invest in a piece of direct mail equipment for your business, you want it to last a long time. A well maintained machine tends to last much longer than one that has been neglected or overused. And the longer it lasts, the higher the returns.

But a prolonged life of the machine is only one reason to keep a machine well maintained. There’s also the cost of labor when the operator has to spend more time tweaking and adjusting a machine to compensate for wear and tear. Then there’s the cost of down-time, when the machine finally does break and you have to wait for the technician, wait for the part to arrive, and then wait for the technician to return again. All of it is money coming out of your pocket. Not to mention the fact that you might have to outsource (or even worse, turn away business) while you wait for your equipment to be repaired.

Hence, the whole decision of which company to use for maintenance and service becomes a monetary choice as opposed to a simple matter of personal preference. And choosing the right service options (which would include upgrades and preventive maintenance) is also part of that decision.

This is true for all mailing and printing equipment. Consider service on Buskro printing equipment for instance.

Buskro has been a leading player in the printing and mailing industry for over 20 years. They manufacture commercial grade equipment for paper feeding and transport, inkjet addressing, and even tabbing/labeling. But because of the factory’s guiding principle of combating obsolescence by offering a continuous upgrade path to their customers, the right Buskro service provider isn’t always easy to find. Get rid of this last phrase and say, “it’s important to choose the right Buskro service provider”.

The advantage of Buskro’s ‘upgrade policy’ allows a customer to take a machine purchased years earlier and upgrade it to the latest technological standards. For example, Buskro’s BK400 with the original print heads could have been upgraded with HP technology… even though the factory never listed HP print heads. Of course, this makes it a factory authorized ‘hybrid unit’, but only an experienced service provider would know which such upgrades are authorized by the factory and which ones aren’t. If an inexperienced service technician tries to work on one of these “hybrids”, they could make critical errors because they do not know which are Buskro-authorized (and will use Buskro repair parts) and which have just been “modified” by the customer or other technicians that worked on the machine in the past.

It’s not only the understanding of upgrades and compatibility that make an experienced Buskro service provider critical.. To really get the most qualified Buskro repair specialist, you need a company with a long-standing history with Buskro equipment. A company that followed Buskro’s evolution with upgrades, as their equipment changed along with the various stages of technology over the years. Their expertise in the small alterations between models goes a long way in keeping you and your equipment up and running.

So the big three things to look for in a Buskro service company are: experience, understanding, and a long history with Buskro service. If you find a company offering that, your Buskro unit (whether it be a printer, tabber, or feeder) should have a long life, delivering high returns each month.

Finding Buskro Service Providers