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It is possible that you’ll be required to install new drivers for your printer in order for your printer to work properly. Printers malfunction for a range of reasons. often, low toner or ink is the most common reason for the printer’s malfunctions.

But, there are instances when your printer cannot produce any documents, and your OS does not recognise your printer. Even more annoying is the frustrating error message from the print spooler. In this article, we’ll discuss the most common methods to install new drivers for your printer so that your printer can be up and running once more.

Handling Errors in Printer Connection

In the beginning, driver software for printers that are outdated render it difficult to print your documents. There are certain printer errors if your drivers are in the process of becoming outdated. Some examples of these errors are Error 0x0000000dand 0x00000007e and 0x00000007d among others.

They usually need quick attention to the situation to be addressed. They’ll also come with an error message which is an example of:

“Windows is unable to communicate with your printer.”

The first thing be doing when you notice the error is to check that the printer has been correctly connected. Make sure to check all the cables for your printer and ensure that everything is in the correct spot. Check that your printer is working and functioning.

When You Must Remove and Install Drivers

If your hardware is in good condition Then you can begin the process of deinstalling and installing your printer driver. Here’s how.

  1. Close all programs in use.
  2. “Start” Click “Start.”
  3. “Control Panel” and open “Control Panel.”
  4. Select “Devices as well as Printers.”
  5. Simply click “View devices or Printers.”
  6. Find your printer by clicking on the numerous icons available within the Device Manager.
  7. Select on the “+” to expand the printer’s options.
  8. Right-click on the driver of your printer.
  9. Click on “Properties.”
  10. Select the tab marked “Driver.”
  11. Select “Uninstall.”
  12. “Continue” Click “Continue.”
  13. When you’ve uninstalled your printer, you’ll notice the yellow exclamation mark in front of your printer. Right-click the printer.
  14. Select “Update driver.”
  15. Click “Yes but this time only.”
  16. A wizard to update will appear. Follow the wizard’s steps.
  17. Download and search for your new driver driver on the website of the manufacturer.
  18. Double-click the driver downloaded to install it and install it on your system.

Download and install drivers using Windows Update

As you can see it’s a fairly labor-intensive task. You can also consider making use of Windows Update to download and install drivers. Windows Update is a search engine that searches the Microsoft online database to find common solutions to printer issues and problems with drivers.

However, its functions are restricted, and it’s only designed for minor issues like fixing OS bugs or finding software patches.

Driver Update Software An Effective Solution

The most efficient method for downloading and installing fresh printer drivers is by using drivers update programs. Driver update software will check your entire computer for obsolete drivers. It’ll then locate your obsolete drivers , and then replace them by brand new up-to-date drivers.

It is a quick method to resolve your printer issues. Driver update software is famous for helping a lot of users with their printers working in no time. Use driver update software if you are required to install new drivers for your printer.


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