Ink and Toner for Northern NV Businesses

As we all know, a office should invest in a good copier. Having a good copier will reduce the time it takes to perform copy tasks, and it will in most cases you’re your office better organized.

Choosing the right copier is a matter of knowing your needs. There are many copiers to choose, digital copiers vs. analog copiers, color copiers vs. black color copiers. Then there are many add on features, which will increase the price of your copier significantly. So how should one proceed when looking to buy the perfect copier for their office? For most businesses that need low volume color printing and/or copying, a black and white/color hybrid is the best choice. By switching between b & w and color modes, a hybrid office copier can save you money in expensive color copier consumables. Dedicated graphic color machines are much more expensive, with the additional cost largely for print-quality accuracy in color reproduction and faster processors, neither of which is essential in the typical office.

Some buyers have a perception that adding more functions to a copier can reduce its reliability, but that is not the case now days. However, its recommended not to rely on one device for printing, faxing, and copying since in the event that it breaks down, you may lose all three functions at once. Another important factor is choosing a reliable dealer and one with experience. This point is many times overlooked, however it’s very important, since the dealers are the ones that will know the latest features and models of copiers and will be able to assist you according to your needs.

Last but not least you will want to assure that your dealer is equipped with experienced technicians. This will be helpful should the copier breakdown. Ask such questions like who will service my copier in case of a breakdown? What is the policy on breakdowns? Is there a time limit for repair responses?

How to Buy an Office Copier

Last Updated on October 4, 2022