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Running low on toner in your Brother printer and having trouble installing the new toner? Your Brother laser printer tells you toner is out. When the output quality of your Brother printer is not looking as well as before, changing the cartridge may make huge difference. Replacing a toner cartridge in a laser printer is essential for good-quality prints and is part of regular maintenance. Follow the steps below to find out how to replace the toner cartridge at the first signs of fading or fuzzy copies.

Get a Replacement Toner Cartridge

First, discover which type of cartridge your Brother laser printer uses. Within brand names there can be sub-types for numerous printer styles. Occasionally the type needed by the Brother printer may vary by a single letter or digit, such as the MFC-8820D vs. the MFC-8820DN model. Some models come in two sizes, one for lower page yields and another for higher. Normally, there is a price difference with the latter costing more money, but the advantage is that it will last longer and postpone a shopping trip for a replacement. Regardless of what you choose, remember, whenever you have bought the new toner, don't open the package until you're prepared to throw away the existing one.

Removing the Old Toner Cartridge

Suppose that you already bought a appropriate alternative. Taking the printer toner cartridge out may be the quick lesson on how to place the new one inside. Refer to the guide book if you don't want to take any risks on how to take out the cartridge. Be gentle when moving sophisticated parts like the toner even if it is empty so you won't destroy any equipment by mistake.

The standard process starts with opening the lid so the toner is showing up and observing the cartridge to check if any clips are holding it in place. If you are unsure what are these clips or hooks, refer to the handbook. Take a look at the body of the toner for any marks that serve as instructions on how you should hold the toner. Slowly remove these clips and take care not to get any ink on your fingers.

Putting the new Toner In

Take a new Brother toner from the box and shake it gently. Remove the protecting tape. Insert the new cartridge into the laser printer and align the cartridge along with the arrows. Push down properly to ensure it is locked into place.

You might get experience to put the new one in if you carefully took note of what you did when you taken out the old Brother toner cartridge. If you are careful with the fragile moving parts and obstacles, there should be no difficulties on setting up a new toner cartridge anytime needed.

The Final Step

Close the front panel of the printer, and it is ready for use. Print a test page.

When comparing to other types of maintenance a computer might need, it's such a simple task to replace a toner cartridge. Take good care of the printer and it will provide thousands of copies for years to come!

How to Change Brother Toner Cartridges