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The following steps will assist you when the message you see shows PAPER JAM 0 Open/Close Doors in the Samsung SCX-5530FN.

Placement of Jam The location of the jam is in the area of paper feed (tray 1 or an optional tray 2 or multi-purpose tray) The optional tray 2 can be a second paper tray that may not be used.

Take the steps to remove the paper that is jammed within these places.

(A) The paper is stuck in tray paper 1

If paper jams in the feed area, it will be displayed as [Paper Jam Close/Open Doors will appear on the panel.


Take the tray of paper from the cassette completely (IMPORTANT Once the tray is taken away, paper could be visible in the opposite image. Don’t try to take it off from this point!)


Get rid of your Toner cartridge entirely. (Note that the cartridge has both the toner and the “imaging drum”. The drum is sensitive to light and requires protection when away from the printer.)


Find the jammed piece of paper in this location.


Take the jammed paper in your hands at both corners , and then gently pull it towards you until the all paper has been cleared.

Once the paper is completely removed, put the toner cartridges back to the machine, then close the front door.

Install tray

It is essential to get rid of the jammed paper as well as any leftovers that are torn. If the jam is not completely removed, messages will remain.

In case the paper jammed isn’t sufficiently advanced to allow you to grasp it, then follow the next step!

1. Place your hands firmly on the metal round bar and then rotate it clockwise until enough paper has risen enough to allow you to hold it.

2. Follow Step Four

If after the 4th step “Jam 0” is still visible at the top of the LCD display make sure that there aren’t any remnants of paper remaining in the paper route.


The machine should be placed on its back. Prior to doing so, cover the ADF Cover to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged when the machine is put onto its side.

Get rid of the paper tray.


Remove the power cable and two input cables.


While the machine is upon its rear, check for any paper remnants that have been caught in the spot that is highlighted!

The paper tray must be removed!

The paper that is torn must be removed in order for the ‘Jam0’ message for it to go away.

After paper is removed, bring the machine back to its normal position, connect the input and power cables then insert the tray of paper and begin printing.


How to Fix a Paper Jam on the Samsung SCX-5530FN