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Printers can be really annoying sometimes. Not only do they refuse to print, but also stop scanning and create terrible noise if you apply force, just like an arrogant child. In such cases ensuring proper connections and checking power supply is mandatory but what if everything’s fine and yet the printer refuses to work? I believe you will really like to throw it out of the window but unfortunately that won’t resolve the issue. Instead you should keep your cool and try to understand why your printer is creating so much fuss.

A detailed overview on various kinds of printer problems and issues that you may encounter is given below:

The printer can:

1. Refuse to print at all,
2. Refuse to print clearly,
3. Give out blank pages,
4. Perform at a very slow rate,
5. Refuse to accept mobile devices,
6. Decline to print after a complete hard disk format,
7. Be highly expensive.

The above mentioned points more or less encompass all kinds of printer problems that most people encounter with. Now, let us evaluate each one of them and dig out effective solutions:

1. A printer can refuse to print because of several reasons like driver/software issues, connection problems or scarcity of ink. For the last two conditions, solutions are quite easy. If there is any connection problem, switch off the printer, take out its cable and reconnect it after some time. The printer will start working happily and noisily. Sometimes, due to improper installation of ink cartridge, the printer does not print. In such cases, open it up, take out the cartridges and re-install them carefully to kick start the printing process. However, if the printer refuses to print a single dot even after that, then you need to check the status of your printer drivers and software.

Sometimes, after upgrading the operating system, your existing version of driver can become incompetent with the upgraded system. The printer will not work without an adequate driver. In this case, there are two options to choose from. You can either download a driver from internet or you can call a tech support company and ask for their help. It is totally up to you.

2. Vague or fuzzy prints indicate that your printer might be low on ink. Generally, error message pops up on-screen if such a condition arises, but if it doesn’t, take out the cartridge and try to re-install it. In most cases, the problem is resolved. If it doesn’t, then buddy, you need to replace your ink cartridge. It has given out on you.

3. Anxiety is quite natural when your printer starts giving out white pages without a single mark on them. Keep your cool and shut down your printer first. Sometimes, the problem occurs due to inadequate power supply. Take out the plug if it is connected to an extension device or a surge protector and try plugging it into the wall socket directly. If there is any power problem, it will automatically be resolved and your printer will start printing perfectly. Well, if it doesn’t then surely you need an expert advice.

4. Is your printer as slow as a snail? You might have cartridge issues. Try to take out one cartridge out and if the performance does not improve, put it back and take the other one out. Notice the differences in printing speeds properly. If it remains same, then you might need an upgrade. Talk to an expert technician for useful suggestions. You can also give it a last try by uninstalling and re-installing the printer software.

5. If you are having problems in printing with a Wi-Fi printer, check the network first. The most recurring problems in printing with Wi-Fi printers are caused due to network failure. Also make sure that your mobile and the printer is connected to the same Wi-Fi.

6. If you have formatted your system and forgot to install the printer driver and software, it will not work. You have to re-install your printer after a complete format, its mandatory. Make sure that both are connected properly and switch on the printer. You will see a small green ball revolving at the bottom right corner of your screen. That denotes your printer is being installed on your system. Do not shut it down unless a message shows that the device is installed successfully. Then you can install the driver and printer software.

7. Do you feel a pang in your heart when your printer is low on ink? Ouch! Print cartridges can be really expensive. If the costs pain you so much, here are some tips to keep your printing activities within your budget:

• Use the draft mode for printing, it requires low ink.
• Cut down the number of pages by decreasing font size.
• Buy an ink cartridge with low capacity if you do not require too much printing.

Printer problems do not end here, of course. If your printer is not working under any circumstance, opt for a reputable online tech support company. Generally, they deal with all issues ranging from system maintenance to printer and scanner support and the services are less expensive than on-site technical support. But ultimately it is your choice. If you wish to spend money, you can but make sure that your hard-earned money is not wasted. Buy a new printer instead.

How to Solve Printer Issues That Attempt to Make You Crazy?

Last Updated on October 4, 2022