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Most inkjet printers today available from firms such as HP and Canon are known for their distinctive new designs and almost laser jet print quality, instead using traditional ink tones. These printer devices can offer great print resolution even though they may not last in the longer run. Unlike character printers or dot matrix printers, which incidentally if you do have, are likely to need technical support more often, these non-impact printing devices spray ink and show fewer issues in the print head and paper feed assembly.

Replacing the Print Head and Print Cartridge

If the printer does not work after replacing the cartridge alone, then you need to be certain that dried ink has not clogged the spray mechanism preventing the ink from being released onto the paper. Other issues such as irregular lines on the page and faded prints can also be the result of a malfunctioning print head mechanism. Cleaning the head, checking the print head ribbon, and cleaning the paper dust should help you resolve hardware issues on your inkjet printer. You must not try either of these measures if you are running a laser jet printer or/and a multifunctional device.

Deal with Blank Pages or Paper Jams

Paper jams midway through the print task or several pages fed into the rollers via the tray causing the device to stall are the result of carelessly handled materials. Try to separate the paper and load it in small installments. Also remember to test print using medium quality in order to avoid smudges, grainy or diminished printouts. Remember to make sure that the ink cartridges are correctly aligned in the bracket provided and consult instruction manual for the same. Remember that if the blinking light does not stop or the printer heats up while testing; call a technician for immediate online support for home printers.

Check Hardware, Fix Software Issues

The printer will receive the task using the USB connected to the computer. Make sure that all connections are established before furthering your troubleshooting. The printer will use up some RAM so make sure that you are not running resource-heavy programs at the time of sending the print command.

Also if the printer has been idle for long intervals of time then it normally goes through a clean cycle to make sure that the print heads are clean and inking properly. The blinking light indicates when the device is in a standby mode and when it is ready to print. The paper feed motor will then indicate an out-of-paper LED when rollers are moving but there is no paper in the tray or feeder.

Here is where you will face most of the ink cartridge related issues. Servicing you printer, which includes cleaning the print head and feeding mechanism can help you avoid printer issues and get the best quality photos or text. It is highly recommended that you use manufacturer approved printer parts and refill kits, as use of the contrary may make the warranty void.

How-To Troubleshoot Your Printer Ink Cartridge

Last Updated on October 4, 2022