Ink and Toner for Northern NV Businesses

For many promising small to medium-sized companies searching to brighten up their working areas with a new printer, the primary factors they ought to consider are print speed and simplicity of use, in addition to maintenance and consumables, costs. The Hewlett-Packard Color LaserJet CP3525 printer has each one of these covered.

The CP3535 does not come garbed within the hippest of colours, however; it should easily fit in well with many office surroundings using its generic and squarish printer looks. Weighting in at a back-breaking 32.9Kg, this printer requires the help of a couple people to move it. Be comforted that you simply will not need to be moving it around once it’s in a position. Directly on the lid of the printer is a four-line backlit LCD text display that delivers vital details about the printer’s print jobs, for example, just how much toner remains within the tubes, print job errors and so forth.

By using the Hewlett-Packard Color-Sphere toner and ImageREt 3600 technology, which shows off the color, technology included in the printer, the standard from the printouts actually is impressive. A printout of the a picture containing a dog, for instance, when we received it, it was razor-sharp, with color rendering incredibly vibrant and sharp. While laser ink jet printers will not compare to rivaling proper ink jet printers for photo prints, the CP3525 shows precisely how far color laser printing originates previously few years. Even black-and- whitened text-heavy reviews appeared properly printed, also the text was obvious and distinct.

Outfitted having a 515MHz processor and 256MB of expanding memory, the printer processes print jobs considerably faster. Printing speed seemed to be snappier than a lot of its other rivals. For example, it required just 22 seconds to turn out 8.5 x 11 pages of black text. Putting HP’s stated duration of 3OPPM towards the test the printer printed 30 A4 pages at 66 seconds. Better still was that it requires only ten seconds to render an A4 color picture. If you are hurrying to obtain that color chart or graphed report out, you will spend a short amount of time wringing both hands awaiting paper job to accomplish.

The printer also scores high in maintenance reliability; particularly because, it features four individual all-in-one print cartridges composed of the print cartridge, toner and imaging drum all in one, which composes the imaging system whenever a new cartridge is placed. The 4 tubes are available in the tune from the usual colors of black, cyan, green, and yellow, using the cartridge alternative process being rather simple.

The only real problem we are able to discover using the CP3525 is the fact that it’s not so discreet when it comes to noise. Paper feeding, for just one issue. It was noisy and frequently attracted comments from co-workers passing by.

Weight and noise issues aside, we are quite impressed with this particular printer from Hewlett-Packard. It will, in the end, satisfy where it matters most: getting print jobs finished quickly as well as in top quality.

Last Updated on February 23, 2022