Ink and Toner for Northern NV Businesses

The HP 98X (92298X) toner cartridge is used in the Laserjet 4. Containing 30% more than the HP 98A (92298A) cartridge, the HP 98X (92298X) is a high yield toner cartridge made for users requiring optimal output. Easy to install and use, the HP 98X prints nearly 8,800 pages and is designed for professional, high quality production. The HP 98X (92298X) is an all-in-one toner cartridge that does not require a separate drum purchase. Designed to work flawlessly with your HP Laserjet 4.

The Laserjet 4 does not use ink, but instead Toner
The LJ4 does not use ink. Instead, toner is used in the machine. The difference between toner and ink is that toner is powdered based, while ink is a liquid.

A Short History of the Laserjet 4
The LJ4 has a strong history in both corporate and personal use. Still used today, the Laserjet 4 is a pure workhorse when it comes to printing.

The printer (sometimes abbreviated as the LJ4 or HP4) is a monochrome laser printer introduced during the 1990s by Hewlett Packard. Known for their durability, the Laserjet 4 printer is still sought after today ranging from a variety of different models including the 4+, 4L, 4SI, and many others.

The printer was finally discontinued after a very successful run, reaching many homes and heavy business rotation. After the printer was discontinued, Hewlett Packard recommended users the HP Laserjet 4250 as a replacement. The HP Laserjet 4 driver is still used today as a fix for many other compatible printers.

HP Laserjet 4 Toner

Last Updated on April 15, 2022