Ink and Toner for Northern NV Businesses

When looking at a return on your investment for a home or small business, there will be some pieces of equipment that will begin providing you with substantial return immediately. One of these items is the HP LaserJet P1505 printer using HP LaserJet P1505 toner. Adding a printer to your initial business investment will give you an opportunity to begin creating the marketing and sales brochures and tools that will provide you immediate visibility in your market.

The cost of the printer should not be the primary factor for a new business. An individual investing in a business system will find it more cost effective to make an investment in a system that can provide the quality, service, reliability and durability that is required on a consistent and long-term basis. Most people find that the printer is not the mitigating expense, but rather the toner cartridges that must be purchased for the printer.

The cost of cartridges varies greatly primarily due to the fact that the number of sheets that can be printed varies. In most cases a standard cartridge will print in excess of 9,000 sheets. The standard small home multi-functional machine prints approximately 800 sheets of paper per cartridge. When the expense of using the small cartridges to print 9,000 documents is calculated, the expense of the larger cartridge becomes minimal.

Calculating the cost of the larger toner cartridges into your regular operational budget will be important. Estimating the amount of printing that will be done on a regular basis will help you to identify the amount of cartridges required. In many cases, cartridges are available for purchase at a discount when a quantity is purchase. For a growing business this may be a viable and cost-effective means of attaining the cartridges required.

Maintenance is another consideration when deciding on the best printer for your business. In most cases a larger printer will require less maintenance and repair than a smaller printer. This is primarily due to the fact that smaller printers often have many moving parts. They also have rubber wheels that wear and begin moving paper through the feeder at an irregular angle. This results in more paper jams and distortion as the wheels become too slick to grab the paper in the correct manner.

With fewer moving parts and no rubber wheels, larger printers do not require the maintenance, repair, or replacement parts at the same rate of smaller systems. Another benefit of the larger systems is the fact that most of the toner cartridges come with a drum built in to the cartridge. In the past the drum was the main part of a large system and had to be replaced on a fairly regular basis. This problem was addressed and alleviated through the use of the drum cartridge system.

To make your system more effective and efficient it is a good idea to add a designated phone line for the printer. By adding a phone line, you can control your printer remotely. This is very helpful for individuals who travel and must submit reports to their home office on a regular basis.

The ability to connect multiple users to a single system makes the large printer very cost effective. Through the use of the networking program that is built into the printer it is possible to connect up to 12 individuals to one printer. When the individuals have been connected to the printer, they are able to use it from their location without adjusting their print defaults system.

When choosing the HP LaserJet P1505 printer system an individual can easily create a return on their investment after a short time. By installing the printer in a small office, with the idea of growth, a person will not have to calculate additional funds in their upcoming budget for a new printer.

HP LaserJet P1505 Printer Offers Home Business Professionalism