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The Essence of the Device

Intermec CK3 is one of the most popular mid-market oriented data collection terminals. The range of apps of the CK3 terminal is quite extensive since it can suit several business areas with no requirements posed on its own for industrial protection.

The device boasts of a plethora of data collection as well as communication features which helps organizations to adapt to a variety of applications for supporting businesses in operational performance metrics. This simplifies IT support and even controls operating costs for the same.

With the device, one can facilitate image capture, with the imager-based scanning options, RFID options, and speech and voice options, along with Bluetooth-enabled communication features. Enterprises can avoid the complexity having several single-purpose devices and opt for only of these for their data collection and communication needs.

Intermec CK3 is part of the latest generation of devices which features imaging technology and boasts of impeccable scanning productivity while being compliant to the existing industry standards. Intermec imaging technology delivers efficient 1D and 2D barcodes scanning and terrific scanning ability of damaged barcodes with loads of flexibility.

Integration and Migration options

The company has managed to integrate best-of-class platform components along with Microsoft operating system and CCX certification for hassle-free interoperability with Cisco wireless networks. The robust architecture helps in extending applications to CK3 too.

The device also features seamless migration options right from the earliest Intermec computers also provides different options of integration with many other warehouse systems. The CK3 features Intermec TE 2000™ software. The device is tested well in emulation environments and features support for a number of simultaneous host sessions. The device also includes outstanding security options and comprehensive data collection options. iBrowse is an efficient data collection browser which can leverage CK3 imaging to a new level altogether with dynamic RFID features ensuring restricted access for websites which are pre-approved.

The CK3 also supports Intermec’s Smart Systems for easy deployment procedures and low maintenance. One can even add computers to the existing network and configure the same while lowering IT effort and reducing the overall TCO.

The device meets the rugged standards and specifications for use in warehouses and stores. The CK3 has combined QVGA display with a well-designed keyboard which can be operated single-handedly.

The Newest Devices

The CK3X is the newest device on the block which is essentially optimized for warehouse operations and offers better features than the CK3B device. CK3R on the other hand is optimized for places like the retail front. The same form factor as well as rugged design allows customers to migrate to latest technology available without any additional investment.

The CK3X and CK3R continue to deliver best-in-class operations much alike the series that it precedes. It attends to the increasing needs of enhanced productivity in enterprises, flexibility in operations and good workforce performance. The products are said to be futuristic in nature since they boast of unending features unheard of in this category of data collection computers and scanners. The ever-changing and volatile data capture requirements are many and hence a device which can meet nearly every need is needed for in-store retail operations.

Intermec CK3 - The Multitasking Champion