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Printers need a bit more attention as compared to other devices. They are made up of several parts that are working in tandem This makes it easy to cause one or more parts to get jammed and create issues with performance. Cleansing your printer frequently can help avoid these issues.

Each printer is unique naturally, which means that the process of cleaning and maintenance could differ slightly. However, for the most part there are a few actions you can follow to extend longevity of the device, regardless of the kind of printer you’ve got.

Printing Prevention Tips for Your Printer

It is a good idea to conduct regular maintenance for your printer as frequently as you can. One of the most crucial components of your printer to keep clean is your print head. If the printer hasn’t been used for a long time, there is a higher likelihood of the print head getting clogged by dried-up ink. It’s no surprise that this could have a huge effect on the print quality the output and can cause lasting damage to the print head. You can avoid obstructions or blocks by cleaning your printer head regularly. The most effective method to do this is by using a clean cloth. Make sure to clean every area you can reach. This is especially important for the crevices and corners within the printer. Dust particles and dirt tend to get into every crevice. So make sure you are as thorough as you can.

Today, the majority of printers have an automated utility program that allows the printer to carry out the self-cleaning process. If you go through these cleaning cycles regularly and clean the insides of your printer regularly there shouldn’t be too many issues. However printers that don’t have an automatic cleaning cycle need an extra amount of care. If this is the case you could think about buying a cleaning kit that typically includes ammonia tubes which you can spray lightly onto the printer head to eliminate dried-up ink.

Manually cleaning your printer

If you’re experiencing printing jams or any other form of ink buildup You can wash the print head using the steps below:

1.) Take the cartridge out of the printer. Use a cotton pad to dip with hot or rubbing alcohol and then gently clean the cartridge. This should soften the dried, crusted ink.

2.) Then take the print head and soak it in hot water, and leave it overnight.

3.) In case the printer head still blocked after being soaked over the course of the night in water, allow it to soak overnight in rubbing alcohol.

4.) After you remove this from water (or alcohol) then clean off the print head using a paper towel that is damp, and let it dry in a controlled manner.

5.) If you place it back into the printer, you can run the self-cleaning process again.

If the print head still blocked, you can purchase a replacement cartridge, or talk to an expert service technician who will attempt to fix the damage.


Keeping Your Printer Clean