Ink and Toner for Northern NV Businesses
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Kyocera has updated a lot of their technology for the Kyocera FS-3750 printer. It is made to be faster and easier to use than any of its predecessors. This company is well known for manufacturing great products. Whether they are for personal or office use, they do the jobs they are intended to do. They are also known for providing the most functionality at the lowest cost of ownership, with each page crisp and clean using Kyocera FS-3750 toner.

It is a compact machine, so it does not require a lot of space. This means it can be used almost anywhere. This Kyocera printer is also created to require less maintenance than comparable models, saving both time and money.

It only takes this printer approximately 12 seconds to print the first page. A Power PC processor of 166 megahertz enables it to print 18 pages per minute. These speeds can vary, depending on the resolution you have it set to print at. This is one dependable network printer. It will easily handle all of your printing needs.

A 1,200 dpi resolution keeps everything you print clear and beautiful. It comes with a memory capacity of 16 megabytes, which can be upgraded to 64 megabytes. A ceramic developer drum has been designed to last the life of the printer at an estimated 300,000 pages. The graphics quality has been greatly improved, compared to prior models. They come out clear and details are easily visible.

Each Kyocera FS-3740 toner cartridge has an approximate life of 20,000 pages. This means you do not have to change it as often. Using less toner saves you money. This significantly lowers the operating costs of this machine.

It comes with a standard paper tray that holds up to 250 sheets. There is also a 100 sheet multi-purpose tray. Optionally, you can purchase two more 500-sheet trays or a motorized feeder that can hold 2,000. This means it can perform whether your jobs are large or small. Adding the larger capacity trays means you avoid wasting time. You will not have to worry about standing over it, waiting to feed it more paper.

If you would like to be able to make use of both sides of the paper, a duplex upgrade is also available, as well as a document stacker and a collator. You can also use flash memory cards. This allows you to easily save and access documents or graphics. This eliminates needing to re-scan something you print regularly. It also has both top and rear output bins. You can use the settings to select which one you want it to use.

Not only does Kyocera keep the operating costs lower, but they have also made it eco-friendly. By using fewer resources, it produces much less waste and is friendlier to our environment. The Kyocera FS-3750 printer is a fast, low-cost printer. If you are buying it for home or office use, you will surely appreciate these factors. It gets all necessary jobs done, without draining your wallet. No one wants to invest in electronics that are going to cost them a fortune to use or maintain.

Kyocera FS-3750 Printer - A Workaholic Printer