Ink and Toner for Northern NV Businesses

One of the most common questions for users of colour toner or black toner in laser printers, faxes or multifunction devices is – which colour toner or black toner cartridge is the best value?

The problem is more difficult with the prevalence of “aftermarket” toner cartridges – refills, remanufactured and compatible toner cartridges.

BEWARE the counterfeit cartridge which is a compatible cartridge disguised and an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) original.

Colour toner is also being affected lately as the purveyors of such aftermarket toner cartridges are becoming more cunning and sourcing the “shells” of empty colour toner cartridges to refill and remanufacture.

Much research has been done – by such authorities as The Gartner Group – into the real value of using aftermarket versus genuine toner cartridges.

Clearly if the non-genuine toner cartridge does not have the same amount of toner in it, it may not be a more economical purchase than the genuine. Furthermore, should the lower quality toner normally offered in the non-genuine toner cartridge damage the printer – normally the fuser unit – the user could be up for a repair cost of as much as $1,000 or more to replace or repair that damaged fuser or in extreme circumstances you may have to replace the device. Up front cost of the toner becomes irrelevant in such circumstances.

There are other concerning factors to consider when using aftermarket toner cartridges such as environmentally damaging emissions caused by the use of inferior “third world” toner in refilling, remanufacturing or making of compatible or counterfeit toner cartridges. It may also cause inferior print results due to the fact that the OEM built and designed the printer to achieve premium results when genuine toner cartridges are used.

An often undersold – deliberately so by unscrupulous resellers of toner cartridges – is the availability of OEM genuine high yield toner cartridges. Most devices ship with a low yield cartridge and consequently the user believes that the right replacement cartridge is the one with the same part number as the cartridge in their printer when it is first installed.

Most manufacturers offer high yield or even extra high yield toner cartridges yielding as much as four times as much toner than the low yield cartridge and always at a price significantly less than four times the price of the low yield cartridge. Most high yield cartridges carry twice the toner and are far from twice the price.

So, what really is value when it comes to purchasing a replacement colour toner or black toner for your printer, fax or multifunction device?

Focus Office Supplies can offer advice on whether there is a high yield toner available or on the pitfalls of using non-genuine toner – more than fifteen years of experience leads to having seen the disasters many users have experienced in using these non-genuine toner cartridges.

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Last Updated on October 4, 2022