Ink and Toner for Northern NV Businesses

When purchasing equipment for a small-sized company it is essential to locate affordable and efficient office equipment. Smaller enterprises don’t have large budgets for top-of-the-line equipment. Three things to consider when deciding between inkjet and laser printers for your small company.


It is likely that pricing is the key factor that differentiates the two methods. Although inkjet cartridges are initially more affordable however, over the long term the cost of cartridges could really increase. Some providers don’t get much from the machine. This means they can raise the cost of cartridges in order to increase profits. Inkjet systems that are used in many applications require separate cartridges for each color which can increase maintenance costs.

Laser printers however is initially more expensive however, they will be more affordable ink costs. A majority of them are monochrome and that they only print in black and white, which means there aren’t many cartridges that can be replaced. Most of the time, devices that include a color option make use of one color cartridge. There’s less to buy and replace using this kind of option.

Different Needs

A productive office requires equipment that is specifically designed for the needs of your business. If your company prints reports, manuals or other forms of documentation composed mainly of text with little or any graphics using laser printers are the best option. They produce crisp, clear text faster than conventional inkjet. While they’re typically not as efficient at creating images or graphics, the latest models are making progress in improving image quality.

If you want to print documents or photos using graphically heavy images Inkjet printers are the ideal choice. They print flawless images that are of unbeatable quality when compared with other equipment.

Fast Printing and two-sided printing

If speed is a major factor in your company, you should avoid the use of an inkjet. This method squanders every tiny bit of ink onto the paper and creates a vibrant image but at the cost of speed.

Furthermore laser printers provides superior paper handling capabilities. Many of these models are able to accommodate as much as 250 sheets on the main tray and usually have an additional tray to accommodate more paper. Some offer dual (two-sided) printing that ultimately could save companies time and cost.

If you are deciding between a laser printer or an inkjet copier, be sure to take into consideration your budget for small-scale businesses production needs, budget, and practical requirements. These factors will assist you in finding the most suitable option to your budget and business.

Laser Printer Copier Vs Inkjet: Which Is Better for Your Business?