Ink and Toner for Northern NV Businesses

Our industry and the marketplace in general has changed its ways on the importance of servicing office equipment these days. The priority of keeping equipment up and running has gone from very important to we can live with the problem for awhile.

Many of the small laser printers, fax machines and multifunctional machines that cost us $150 to $300, are now considered disposable, with many of the mid-size to larger companies going to the larger all-in-one digital technology that can handle many documents and many users all at the same time. The days of having your “personal printer” fixed is going by the wayside.

End-users in a corporate environment are being made to conform to using a more centralized piece of equipment, compared to the many personal printers that used to be sitting on their desktop, where they could just grab their document and be off doing their next task in a short period of time. This has caused some concern at times, but has made it in many respects more cost-effective per page to make that conversion.

My thoughts are simply…..if your printing needs work for you, that is all that matters. Everyone has a different need and a different way of taking care of their equipment. Some people care a lot about keeping their machine up and running, and some are looking to buy something new as soon as it fails.

Just remember that is does cost you time and money to get another machine. Running to the store is not necessarily the best use of time, and getting a little bit of TLC done on your printer can give it longevity, and prevent you from having to swipe your credit card that much sooner.

I personally am all for anyone trying to save some money on equipment these days, as we are all concerned about our finances. But printers, fax machines and copiers do printout documents that help to create business and hopefully make money for our businesses through contact with our clients.

As this time, I think it will be awhile before we go paperless, so having crisp, clean professional looking documents is very important to all businesses that have not gone paperless and intend to continue using printouts to do their primary business with. It is not necessary to be on a service program to receive the kind of service that you need to keep your office equipment up and running.

Just make a call to the right company, with great customer service and a very good technician, and you will have a printer, fax or copier machine that lasts you a long time.

Laser Printer Repair and Service

Last Updated on October 4, 2022