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Any technology offered by Lexmark proves to be affordable, easy to use and reliable. The important printer tip that anyone using Lexmark printers should remember is that all printer types require preventative maintenance. Routinely servicing, cleaning and inspecting the printer parts will ensure the maximum efficiency, optimal print output and preservation of the printer.

Here are some Lexmark printer tips to help you make the most of your printing experience. The Lexmark printer tips are powered by Skytronix, which offers Printer Service , Repairs and Preventative Maintenance.

Extend the life of your cartridge

Cartridges have a limited refill life because of the resistors that control the current to each outlet jet. When a cartridge runs out of ink, the resistors can overheat and burn out. So at the first low cartridge warning sign, refill or top off your ink cartridge to ensure a long refillable life!

How often to refill/recycle your cartridge

On average, a cartridge can be refilled or recycled 3-5 times. However, each cartridge varies in the number of times it can be refilled or recycled. The condition of the cartridge must also be considered, because you cannot successfully refill a cartridge that has been out of the printer for more than a few hours. The nozzles, when exposed to air, will clog up.

What to do if printed pages come out blank

Try a different cartridge or try printing a different document from a different application. If the printer is networked, confirm that there is no software problem.

Vertical or horizontal marks on the page

These are generally caused by the toner cartridge. Try a different cartridge and see whether the marks are repeated. If a replacement toner cartridge does not fix the problem, a service call may be needed.

How to fix paper jam errors

Remove the cartridge and paper trays from printer. Remove jammed paper as well as torn paper pieces or foreign objects by gently pulling them in the direction of the paper flow.

What to do about light or faint print

If you cartridge is running low try a new one. Ensure that ‘economy mode’ is not selected. If nothing helps to fix the problem, a printer service is required.

How to make printers work more efficiently on the network

It’s a cost-cutting advice. If you have two or more computers networked together, it does not mean that they each need its own printer. Both Windows and the Mac OS support simple printer sharing.

How to print only the part you need

Highlight the part of message desired, then copy and paste to a blank email and print it without sending the message. Cancel the email and you have a copy of the desired information.

How to print sideways

If you wish to change the paper size or layout for printing, do the following:

Click Start > Settings > Printers.

Right-click the icon for the printer you are using, and then click Properties. Click the Paper tab and make your desired changes. You can change this setting again. To change these settings for just the current document, click the File menu in the program you are using, then click Page Setup or Print Setup and make your desired changes.

How to add color to you prints

Choose a simple color palette with just a few colors. Start by trying three colors that look good together. Repeat use of these colors in documents to project a consistent and professional look.

These are the major Lexmark printer tips we could advise to Lexmark printer users.

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Lexmark Printer Tips from Skytronix

Last Updated on April 15, 2022