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Lexmark’s technology Lexmark is affordable simple to use and reliable. The most important tip for printers that users of Lexmark printers must keep in mind is that all printers require regular maintenance. Regularly cleaning, servicing and inspecting the parts of the printer ensures highest efficiency, the best print output and also the longevity that the print equipment.

Below are some Lexmark printer tips to help you get the best use of you printing experiences. These Lexmark printing tips and tricks are provided by Skytronix that offers Printer Service Repairs, Preventative Maintenance and Maintenance.

You can extend the life of your cartridge

Cartridges have a short refill period due to resistors that regulate the flow of flow of the outlet jet. If a cartridge is depleted of ink or contains a lot, resistors could overheat and cause the cartridge to burn out. Therefore, at the first warning, fill or refill your cartridge to guarantee a long refillable life!

How often do you refill/recycle your cartridge

A cartridge is able to be reused or filled 3 to 5 times. But, every cartridge differs in the amount of times it is able to be recycled or filled. Also, the state of the cartridge should be taken into consideration, as it is impossible to refill a cartridge after it has been in the printer for longer than a couple of hours. The nozzles, if placed in air can get blocked.

What should you do if your the printed pages do not appear as blank

Try a different printer or try printing a new document with a different program. If your printer is connected to the network make sure there isn’t any software issue.

Horizontal or vertical markings on the page

They are usually caused by this toner cartridge. Try a different toner cartridge and examine if the marks appear to be repeated. If a new cartridge is not able to solve the issue then a call to a technician may be necessary.

How do you fix jammed paper

Remove the cartridge and the paper tray from the printer. Take out jammed paper as broken pieces of paper or other foreign objects by gently moving them towards to the direction of flow of paper.

What should you do with a prints that are faint or light

If your cartridge is running out of juice, try replacing it with a new one. Check that the economy mode is not turned on. If this doesn’t fix the issue, a printer service is needed.

How can printers function more effectively on networks

It’s a way to cut costs. If you have multiple computers connected but it doesn’t necessarily mean that each one needs their own printer. Each version of Windows as well as Mac OS Mac OS support simple printer sharing.

How do you print just the portion you require

Mark the portion of the message you want to highlight, copy and paste into an unfilled email. Print it, but do not send the message. If you delete the email, you will have the information you want.

How do you print upside down

If you would like to change the size of your paper or layout to print Do the following:

Go to Start > Setting > Printers.

Right-click on the icon of the printer you’re using, then select Properties. Select the Paper tab and make the desired adjustments. You can alter this setting at any time. To alter these settings only for your current file, go to the File menu of the program you’re using, and then select Page Setup or Print Setup and make the desired changes.

How can you add color to your prints

Select a simple palette that has just a handful of shades. Start by testing three colors that look nice together. Repetition the use of these colors in documents to create an unison and professional look.

These are the most important Lexmark printer tips that we can recommend to Lexmark printer owners.

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Lexmark Printer Tips from Skytronix