Ink and Toner for Northern NV Businesses

A copy machine, also known as a photocopier, is the machine that is found in almost all homes and businesses today. Almost everyone knows how to use one, but do you know how to do copy machine maintenance? In businesses, if you know how to maintain it, then you will not have to spend time troubleshooting the problem. It is very important that you spend time doing proper maintenance of the copy machine because it will help to make sure that it functions correctly and will not give you trouble. If you clean the copy machine here are some tips that you should keep in mind. Make sure the machine is unplugged before cleaning.

• Make sure that the material you are using to do maintenance is what the manufacture specifies to use to clean the copy machine. When cleaning the glass scanner use a cleaning liquid that is anti-static.

• When wiping the scanner surface use a dry cloth, then go back over it after dampening the cloth with the liquid cleaner. You should clean the surface every time you use the machine with a dry cloth. Even a tiny speck of dust can affect the quality of the item you are copying.

• If your machine uses a toner make sure that you are replacing it regularly. Most of the copy machines will tell when you need to do this. When replacing it, open the process unit cover. Remove the toner container, and put in a new one. Before putting in the new one shake it well. Once it is replaced close the over.

• You will also need to do copy machine servicing in the toner area. Clean it regularly using a toner vacuum meant particularly for that machine. When you clean it on a regular basis it will help to ensure the flow of the ink is not hindered and the quality of the printing is maintained.

• The part of the copy machine where the paper and toner are attached is called the drum. To clean this area you will need to use a Mylar bar, which is a rubber or plastic blade. Using this will help to remove any extra toner that could be stuck to the drum.

There should be a set day during the week, such as Friday or Monday, to do servicing so the machine will continue to give clear copies. These are easy steps to remember and should not take that long to clean the machine. There is an instruction manual with the machine that can help you out.