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Clinical chemistry analyzers are used to analyze blood samples for levels of bilirubin, calcium, albumin, creatinine, magnesium, uric acid, inorganic phosphorus, urea nitrogen (bun), glucose, iron and assays for thyroid.

Leading manufacturers offer automated chemistry analyzers equipped with superior features and technical specifications. The EasyRA clinical chemistry analyzer from Medica is designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized labs and is gaining popularity for its efficiency and ease of use.

The device comes with a simple and intuitive user interface and four color-coded chapters that guide the technician through all analyzer functions. It has the capacity to analyze stat samples at any time with typical stat results in less than 8 minutes. The friendly displays clearly signal the progress of a run so that changes can be made easily. It allows users to save time by programming the next work list while another work list is running or to check reagent and cuvette inventories to prepare for the next run.

The Medica EasyRA can perform 150 tests per hour (>300 with integrated ISE), 24 sample positions, 24 reagents on board, and more. It can store up to 2000 patient results and 56,000 test results. The device automatically performs reagent parameter set up. The new wireless RFID technology located in each wedge label contains all specific reagent information. The device can be easily set up by placing a smart reagent wedge on the analyzer – EasyRA identifies reagent locations, number of samples remaining, sample volumes and expiration dates, significantly reducing data entry errors.


  • Quickly operational and ready to run samples
  • User PM <30 minutes
  • Up to 7 configurable test panels
  • Real-time display of sample status
  • Profitable at varying volumes with average payback periods of under a year
  • Pause feature for “on the fly” editing
  • On-board tracking of QC with Levey-Jennings charts and user-definable flagging limits
  • No need of manual programming
  • Monthly maintenance < 30 min
  • Low operating costs
  • LIS connectivity
  • Liquid, ready-to-use reagents with built-in RFID
  • Limited replaceable components
  • Detailed automatic warnings Disposable cuvettes ensure accurate results every time
  • Daily Maintenance < 5 min
  • Convenient re-run of tests that require diluting
  • Automatic search of pending samples
  • Automated download of QC values, Calibration values and Reagent parameters means no data entry errors
  • Automated and fast turn-around time of test results

Key Technical Specifications

  • Ambient conditions – 15º-30º C (59º-86º F); < 85% relative humidity, non-condensing atmospheric air environment
  • Printing – local or network printer
  • Quality control – 2 levels of controls (Levey-Jennings plots for two levels)
  • Sampling system – Probe pre-heater; single probe with RF level sensing; inner and outer probe washing
  • Types of analysis – Endpoint, enzymatic, rate, bichromatic, potentiometric

Cost-effective Online Purchase

Leading online lab equipment stores offer the EasyRA clinical chemistry analyzer at competitive pricing. Compare prices, options, and service conditions to get the best value for your investment.

Medica EasyRA - Ideal for Small and Medium Sized Labs