Ink and Toner for Northern NV Businesses

1. Paper jams and multiple sheets are fed at the same time due to the check stock isn’t properly separated

The best method of separating the check stocks that are blank and lessen MICR jams in printer paper is to spread it out. There are many ways to accomplish it. A lot of people just hold the one side of the paper stack and flip through the pagesand and then repeat the process at the opposite end.

Another method is to take the check stock stack then hold it with the shorter ends, with its long side resting upon the surface, bend the edges towards you, like an upside-down “U” and then hold the short ends in a tight grip then straighten the paper this does a excellent job of separating the two layers of paper.

Then, turn your hands to twist them in opposite directions from one another and the separation will be rolled out towards the ends. After that, insert your paper in the tray. This method should reduce the chance of jamming paper and make it easier to feed paper daily.

2. Printer Errors message 242.09 or 243.09

When one or more of the errors is displayed on the screen this means that the right side guide of the tray for paper is not sufficiently tight against the check stock inside the tray. Make adjustments manually until it is properly aligned against the check stock. This should fix the problem. printing errors.

3. Paper Misfeed Dirty Pick Tires (Rollers)

Incorrect feeds occur when the printer attempts to remove an entire sheet of check stock out of the tray, but fails to. The majority of the time it’s because the picking tires (also called rollers) which feed the check stock have been contaminated with dust or toner. Clean the rollers using alcohol pads and wipe them clean as you rotate them.

Note: If fanning the stock according to the procedure explained in the above paragraph and cleaning the tire of the pick is not able to resolve the issue The printer probably requires servicing. If this is the problem you’re having trouble with, you should contact your MICR printer’s technical support department for assistance on what the next steps should be.

4. Paper Curls Paper Exits Printer

This is typically not an issue with printing it’s an issue in the content of moisture on the paper used to make the checks. It’s essential to protect your check stock by wrapping it in the original box until it’s ready utilized. In humid locations the stock that is not used should be kept in a container made of plastic with lids to prevent any moisture from entering the paper.


MICR Printer Paper Jams and Feed Errors – 4 Common Issues and How to Fix Them