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Payroll software is a very useful tool to a business. Most payroll software provides the essential features such as payslips generation, tax returns, taxation filing, etc. So if you have more than 10 employees in your company, you should get a good payroll software to assist you in your job.

I believe you have most probably come across salesperson calling you to try and sell payroll software to you. If you are currently satisfied with your payroll software, I will advise you to stick with what you have. Changing to new software is very tedious as you will need to backup your information and re-train your staffs to use it. However, there are times wherey a company should change a new software for the good of the business. In this article, let me share with you a few reasons a company should consider changing their payroll software.

1. Your company is still using DOS software. DOS software are for the 80's. It is the same as cars. When you drive an 80's car, you are going to do a lot of maintenance now to keep it working. Therefore, if your company is still using a DOS software, you should consider changing it. DOS software is a thing of the past and you must look into the future for the sake of your business. In the coming years, Microsoft is going to release Windows 7 and your DOS software most probably will not work on it.

2. It takes you more time to do simple tasks. If you are using older software, it may take you four to five steps to do simple tasks such as invoice entry and payslips generation. In this case, you should change to a more powerful system that can handle your needs and save you time.

3. You have a hard time finding a suitable hardware to run your old system. You should not have any problem finding devices or computers that will work with your old system. If you have trouble finding these hardware, then it is time to change to a newer system.

4. Your system is no longer being supported. Older system will get phase out sooner or later. So if your system is no longer supported, it is time to upgrade your software or change a new one. Talk to the company and see what they recommend.

5. You are in a comfort zone. If the reason that you do not want to change to a newer system is because you are afraid of changes, you should think twice. Sticking with a system that can not perform is going to hurt your business. Feeling bad will not help and you should plan to move forward.

Payroll Software - Find Out When it is Time to Change Your Payroll Software