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Pitney Bowes postage meters are usually intended for small size businesses. A small business usually needs a meter to calculate and weigh postage. With postage meters, the businesses simply do not need to go to post offices. DM100, MailStation 2 and DM200 are some of the examples of Pitney Bowes cartridges.

If a Pitney Bowes postage meter’s display doesn’t turn on, you first need to check if batteries are installed or unit is plugged in. Pitney Bowes postage is in sleep mode when the color of the indicator light turns to be yellow. You just need to hit any button on machine in order to turn the machine to active mode.

It is essential to adjust the display’s contrast if you’ve any problem seeing the texts on screen. Choose Options from main menu of a postage meter. Then find out the option of Adjust the Contrast and make use of scroll keys for decreasing and increasing the level of contrast as needed.

Since a Pitney Bowes postage meter is a machine, it can create problems while working. Read the most common problems of postage meter ink cartridges and the top 5 tips to handle the troubleshooting.

Firstly, the most common problem with a postage is that you may sometimes find that you’ll not be able to print. For this, what you need to do is check whether the printing deck is jammed or not with any of the papers. If jammed with papers, then you know what needs to be done but if it isn’t jammed with any paper then apply the following step.

You must try opening up the Pitney Bowes cartridges to see if postage meter ink cartridges needs replacement or not. For replacing postage meter ink cartridges, turn over the cartridge guard and pull the old cartridge. The new Pitney Bowes cartridge must slide in place for replacing the cartridge guard. Then the Pitney Bowes cartridges compartment must be closed.

Next, if poor prints are derived from the postage meter, purge nozzles of printer. For doing this, choose Options key first and then under the Advanced Features find out Maintenance Mode. Select Purge once you go to the menu of Printer Maintenance to purge printer nozzles automatically.

There may also arise some connection problem with the postage meter. If the Pitney Bowes postage meter doesn’t connect to Data Center and doesn’t print out any postage, you must first check out phone line to see whether it is connected to wall and that you’ve service. If DSL is used by you, you need putting the filter in between wall unit and phone line.

Last but not the least; when you make use of a computer for managing the settings of a meter, you may sometimes run into problems with software. Ensure that the internet settings are appropriate by visiting the menu of Internet Settings found in Data Center. Then return to default settings in order to see if it resolves any of the problems you have.

Pitney Bowes Postage Meter Troubleshooting - Top 5 Tips