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Most of the time, when you purchase a new printer, even before you can take it out of the box you’ll lose instructions to install the drivers. The printer driver is required that allows your computer to communicate with your printer (often what your PC tells the printer isn’t too different from what I’m saying to the computer or printer when one isn’t working. I’ll tell you that it’s not extolling the virtues of the printer). Every printer manufacturer develops an instruction manual for computers to follow when it is connected. If you don’t have the drivers, then you will not be able to print with the printer!

If you’re running the operating system of a computer like XP it is straightforward. You can connect the printer directly to the computer while the computer is running or turn the PC off, connect it into the side of the computer and turn the computer on. One of the best aspects of Windows XP (especially after Service Pack 2) is that the XP operating system already has your latest printer driver within its files. It might detect a previous edition of your driver, or the printer model and ask you to update the driver today. It’s up to you what action you follow. It’s generally recommended to upgrade your driver.

If XP is unable to recognize the driver for your printer locate the CD for Printer Driver Installation and place the CD on your computer. The XP Operating System will offer precise instructions on how you can upgrade your printer successfully.

The process of installing printer drivers isn’t easy, but if you’re trying it at first, it could be daunting. After you’ve installed the driver for your printer put it away as you will never know when you’ll require it in the future. Don’t throw away the CD since it’s difficult to get it replaced if your system fails permanently. Unfortunately, it does happen.


Printer Drivers – Who Needs ‘Em?