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For many people looking to purchase a scanner, a used one will do as well as a brand new one at a more economical cost. With the financial crisis right now, more and more people are looking to find ways to get the best deals on quality products. There has been a large increase of customers wanting “more bang for the buck.”

Why buy a refurbished scanner? It’s a cost effective way to save money! Refurbished scanners come from a variety of sources. Some are simply new scanners that were returned, others may be previously used equipment that have been repaired or reconditioned. Many people don’t realize that some “refurbished” items were returned with no defects. Before scanners are re-sold, they are inspected, tested, and repaired if needed. They are tested again to make sure specifications are met and then sold as “refurbished.”

Refurbished scanners purchased from a reputable dealer have a low return rate because of the detailed testing done before it is sold again. Some scanners may still be under the manufacturer warranty. For others, check to see if the scanner dealer offers warranty plans. Even though a scanner is refurbished, the dealer may still offer maintenance plans for repair. If the dealer selling the refurbished equipment isn’t willing to offer a warranty plan, it draws into question the confidence they place in their own repair work. When looking over your warranty, make sure you understand and read the fine print. Some refurbished scanners come with the same warranty as a new scanner, others come only with a 7- or 30-day guarantee.

Most of the time, you will find really great deals through online auctions or online ads. But be careful where you purchase your scanner. Do the research by reading reviews and comparing prices. Think about the features on the scanner that you will actually use. But most importantly, make sure the seller is a factory certified dealer. You will be able to buy with confidence when you know that the technicians are factory certified. Purchasing a refurbished scanner from an authorized service center is like buying a Certified Used Car as opposed to a used car from an unknown individual seller-sometimes you’ll get a better deal, but the risks of buying a clunker are much higher. If you take the time to find the refurbished scanner you’re looking for, the savings will all be worth it.

Refurbished Scanners Save You Money