Ink and Toner for Northern NV Businesses

If you’re like me, finding a deal is always good. Who doesn’t want to keep more of their hard earned money? Whether it’s at the grocery store or going to buy a new computer, there are discounts to be found.

Every Sunday morning, I look at the ads, and like many others cut coupons too. But most of the time, I go online to find fantastic deals that are not necessarily in my area. Take for instance electronics. I have found high speed scanners to be on the pricey side. But after exploring more on the internet, I’ve found another option. Refurbished scanners are great bargains. For example, Canon DR-3080CII can scan up to 80 images per minute, several different scanning modes, and user-friendly. It retails for $3,295, but a refurbished unit is only $1,250. That’s a savings of over $2,000. What’s also helpful is that it can qualify for warranties and maintenance plans.

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for deals on electronics, like document scanners.

Some are purely new scanners that have been returned. People don’t realize that “refurbished” items were returned with no defective parts. Others are used units that have been tested and repaired, if needed.

When looking for a refurbished scanner, invest from a trusted certified dealer. You will notice that there is a low return rate from these dealers because of the thorough diagnostics done before the scanner is sold to the public. There are dealers available that will still offer maintenance plans on a refurbished scanner. You may want to question why some companies do not offer warranties on their own product being sold. Find a company that will back up their own product. Read the details on the warranty and make sure there are no questions.

When I look for products online, one if the first things I do before purchasing is reading the customer reviews. They are one of the best things to rely on whether it’s customer service, or the pros and cons of the product. When searching online, you’ll find a great refurbished product that has all the benefits of a new one for a better deal.

Save Money – Buy Refurbished