Ink and Toner for Northern NV Businesses

A woman in our neighborhood told us that she just invested in the Sharp FO 775 L Printer – Sharp FO 775 L Toner for the small company she owns and told us how satisfied with the purchase she was. We were considering purchasing this laser printer/fax machine as well, because the business has grown and thus we need improved technology.

After we researched this facsimile/printer we found it to be considered very reliable and quite affordable. Sharp constantly improves their quality of their electronics products and especially the multipurpose printers, in an effort to meet growing businesses requirements to improve productivity with good technology.

We’re certainly considering purchasing the Sharp facsimile printer combo, since we hear it is powerful and convenient and that Sharp has been hailed number one in fax sales.

The item we’re looking to buy is the FO 775 L laser printer it is a multifunctional, plain paper fax with refined features you will want when performing high-volume fax jobs. It being compact is a great feature as well.

The memory is 476 KB, with a modem speed of 14,400, bps. It takes about six seconds to transmit per page as well.

We believe that this Sharp facsimile unit will be able to provide the employees the tools needed to maintain smooth flowing work in the offices. We’re also thrilled about how reasonable the pricing is with this Sharp fax.

This Sharp FO 775 L described as a multifunctional or all in one fax-machine and photocopier, you can also use it as a laser-printer, scanner, the output is black & white.

We will also be keeping a photocopy of their downloadable Sharp manual in our files so that we can refer to it if needed. We got this free manual at this site: There is also a repair manual available online so that you can do your own repairs if you need to.

We also realized that we’re going to require Sharp 775 L Toner as well as other items for our multi function fax machine. Toner is always expensive but we typed in Sharp 775 L Toner in Google and got a whole list of great options to buy the Sharp 775 L Printer and also the Sharp 775 L Toner.

Sharp FO 775 L Printer – A Leader in Multi-Function Printing