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Like the machine the human body is your office equipment too is prone to infrequent downtime. Much like an unwell body, if your fax machine or copier malfunctions there are a number of work tasks in the office are placed off. This results in reduced productivity, and also anxiety and missed deadlines. It is possible to avoid this.

In the event of downtime, be it for an extended or short period of time, will result in the loss of income. There are strategies and tricks that can assist you in avoiding interruptions. There are a variety of ways you can take to avoid this:

1. An adequate understanding of staff members – It’s not really necessary to be the genius of a person to resolve typical issues with office equipment in the event that staff are knowledgeable enough and common sense be sufficient, when dealing with these devices.

2. Regular maintenance check-ups are better than treatment. Regular checks of office equipment will keep them in good shape and in good shape and will prevent any interruptions. Even though, naturally it’s not going to ensure that your equipment is secure however, you’re reducing the chance of possibility of delay.

3. High-quality office equipment isn’t free it’s true. But over the long term it might be more beneficial rather than purchasing a less expensive equivalent.

If you follow these suggestions You will be able to avoid more downtime as well as a longer lifespan of your office equipment. It saves money by not having to call maintenance for any technical issue that occurs. It also helps to save money by having less time spent in the office.

What happens if your copier suddenly dumps all the paper you feed it with and you’ll need to make copies of all your documents within the next 30 minutes to prepare for the next board meeting? Are you able to wait until the maintenance staff to arrive and fix it?

If you’re faced with an emergency like this, you’ll be forced to take on the task yourself to complete your work in a timely manner. It’s also beneficial to be aware of how to deal with emergency situations.

Here’s a step-by-step guideline for solving your copier’s problem:

1. Try feeding the copier various size of sheets of paper. This could be due to one of the sizes is causing the machine to jam. Does the paper stop or is it squeezing up?

2. Pay attention at the device. What kind of sound is it making? Is it whining and does it seem like it is spinning wheels or does it sound odd?

3. If just one size is causing problems for the copier it is a sign that the problem lies on some of the cassettes. All you have to do is to change the position of the cassette , and then you’re done.

4. If possible, wash the cassette, as well as the rollers that turn the paper.

5. If, however, the cassettes appear to be jamming, and the paper does not move without clumping, it could be due to worn-out rollers. It is possible to follow the same process as described previously mentioned to clean the rollers.

6. In the event that the printer is sticking, and the paper is squeezing and squeezing, follow the path of the paper and check if there’s something within that causes that the material to cease.

7. Be attentive to your machine, it could help you save time. If it seems like it’s just spinning its rollers take a look as they are the ones that move paper through the machine. If the copier yells or groans before jamming, then you’ll be required to call for assistance.

It is a huge help in the long run if you’re able to solve minor issues with office equipment by yourself. It saves you time and money and allows you to get your work done without waiting for maintenance personnel to arrive and repair the downed machines.


Taking Care of Your Office Equipment Properly to Avoid Malfunctions