Ink and Toner for Northern NV Businesses

The Lexmark X560dn printer can be perfect for small and medium enterprises. It’s easy to use and is a top choice in the realm of speedy MFPs. Consumables are quick to replace. The dimensions of this device are being 28.7″ in height, 18.1″ wide, and 20.6″ deep. It weighs about the weight of 88 pounds. This printer will sit on top of any sturdy credenza for a desktop.


The MFP is known for its ability to provide an impressive array of cost-effective features that combine the copy, print, scanner, and fax components into one device. This device will help businesses save a lot of money on hardware consumables and contracts as well as space. High-capacity toners can reduce the cost per page.

You’ll Are In Need

It is a great marketing collateral that can be used to keep customers and give the best branding. It’s a known fact that color is an important role in buyer’s decision-making process. Businesses can use appealing, quick and cost-effective documents at low costs, but with maximum exposure.

Best For Medium Business

The network features are suitable for medium-sized companies. PCL6 or PostScript 3 are common languages. The device further shows its ability to integrate into any IT environment. Productivity-boosting features like a multipurpose feeder, fax speed dials, and intuitive software will improve business process. The workflow is streamlined and smooth by its capability to edit and search documents as well as convert them digitally.

Easy to Control

The control panel makes it simple to make workflow processes simpler. It features a graphic display that is easy to guide users through tasks related to printing and maintenance. It’s just one of the many excellent devices this machine offers to increase productivity and maximize efficiency.

Fast As It Gets

The initial print taking less than about 10 seconds to print, this laser printer can print up to 30 pages per minute, mono. twenty documents every minute when using color A4-sized documents. Letter-sized documents are said for printing at a rate at 31 document per min in mono, and 20 pages per minute for color.

The Best is Nothing

With the ability to make a photocopy of the day that takes only 11 seconds, this copier can print 30 mono copies every 60 seconds for A4-sized documents or 31 copies in sixty seconds when documents are letter-sized. For printing and complex tasks the machine runs with a mighty 400 mega Hertz processor that uses 384 megabytes of RAM. The good news is that administrators can upgrade RAM to a massive 1408 mega Bytes.

Pantone Calibration

The new toner is based on Pantone calibration and produces documents with 2400 x600 pixels per inch resolution. The device is fortunately, it includes starter cartridges. Toners that start with starter cartridges have the potential to produce as much as 4000 pages per cartridge and come with Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta. Standard Black toner has an approximate yield of 5000 pages per unit. A better option is that will save you money in high-yielding toners. The high yield cartridges provide more than 10000 pages per cartridge toners for Black, Yellow, Magenta and Cyan.

Huge Capacity

The standard input tray is spacious with 400 pages. The maximum capacity for input is 995 pages. Its output capability is 350 pages. Automated Document Feeder is able to hold up 50 pages. It comes with the duplex feature that allows companies to print documents with two sides that save the cost of paper and also money. The maximum capacity of the device of 60000 page per month , however the recommended dosages range from 1000-5500 pages per month with appropriate maintenance.

Technical Synopsis Of The Lexmark X560dn Printer