Ink and Toner for Northern NV Businesses

The most crucial items in an offices is the printer. If a printer is slow to respond and takes a long time to print can cause expensive delays. Small-scale businesses depend heavily on one printer to manage the demands with more than one terminal. When this doesn’t work properly it’s impossible to function properly. The Lexmark Optra printer with the toner of the Lexmark Optra C510 can assist in keeping the process running smoothly while also helping small businesses save quite a lot of cost at the start.

The C510 is a laser-based printer capable of producing top quality documents in black-and-white as well as color. The speed of printing on the printer can print eight pages per minutes in Full Color, and 30 pages per minute in black and white. The processor built into the printer and the memory of 64 bits permit the printer to keep pace with almost any printing job being sent to it. The ColorSaver feature allows this printer to use the Lexmark OptraC510 toner cartridge at its highest effectiveness for both color as well as black-and-white printing. Through enhancing its efficiency through this feature, the printer will save its owner both time and money.

This Lexmark printer was designed to work with a variety of dimensions and types of paper media. A legal-sized envelope, paper that vary in size and different thicknesses of papers will not be a problem for this printer. The printer is also able to handle the printing of transparent images, glossy photos and labels of various dimensions.

The printer is built to be compatible with nearly all operating systems for computers currently available. Its paper feeder tray was designed to accommodate a large number of sheets of paper. This will be beneficial for offices that are busy as they will not need to stop in the middle of one massive project or many to refill the tray with paper.

The Lexmark printer comes with an additional tray for paper, which can hold an additional 560 pieces of paper. If you purchase a printer with this feature an owner of a business can drastically reduce the number of times in the day when the printer needs to be filled. By expanding printing capacity the business owner will be able to increase effectiveness of their employees by avoiding having to take breaks for refills frequently.

While speed is a great characteristic of a printer there is another aspect that is more crucial which is the quality. A printer shouldn’t just print high-quality documents at a rapid rate of speed, but it should also maintain the same appearance of all the documents. This is crucial when it comes to documents that will be delivered to a customer because it will reflect on the business and their commitment to providing a high-quality products or services.

It is usually within the responsibilities of the administration staff to ensure it is fully loaded and functioning. However, the reality is that only a few of them are knowledgeable about repairing an laser printer. To help, Lexmark provides a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on each of the printers bought. The phone numbers are included in the paperwork that comes with the printer, allowing the administration staff to call the appropriate service provider to repair the printer.

The Smartest Decision For Small Business Can Be a Lexmark Optra C510 Printer