Ink and Toner for Northern NV Businesses

One of the most essential pieces of equipment in any office is the printer. A printer that is slow to respond and slow to print out can create costly delays. The small business particularly relies heavily on a single printer to handle the workload from more than one computer terminal and when this does not operate right, nothing operates right. The Lexmark Optra C510 printer coupled with Lexmark Optra C510 toner can help to keep the work flowing while saving the small business quite a bit of money at the outset.

The C510 is a laser printer capable of producing high quality black-and-white and color documentation. The printing speed of this printer is eight pages a minute in full color and 30 pages a minute in black-and-white. The built-in processor along with 64 bits of memory enable this printer to keep up with virtually any printing jobs sent to it. The ColorSaver feature enables the printer to utilize the Lexmark Optra C510 toner cartridge to its optimal efficiency for both color and black-and-white printing. By increasing its efficiency with this feature, this printer can save the owner time and money.

This Lexmark printer is designed to accommodate many different sizes and styles of paper media. Legal sized paper, envelopes of varying sizes and even different thicknesses of paper are no match for this printer. This printer can also handle such specialty jobs as printing transparencies, glossy pictures and label sheets of varying sizes.

The printer is designed to work with virtually every computer operating system in existence. The paper feed tray is built to hold a large quantity of paper sheets. This bodes well for the busy office in that they do not have to stop in the middle of a single large project or multiple projects to reload the paper tray.

This model Lexmark printer has an optional paper tray, which can house an extra 530 sheets of paper. By purchasing a model with this option, the business owner would cut down greatly on the amount of times during the workday that the printer will need to be refilled. By increasing the capacity of the printer, the business owner can increase the efficiency of his staff by them not having to break away to refill the tray repeatedly.

While speed is an admirable trait in a printer, there is one that is even more important and that is quality. A printer should not only print quality documents at a high rate of speed but should also be consistent in the appearance of each of those documents. This is particularly important when it comes to documents to be handed to a client, as this is a direct reflection on the company and their dedication to providing a quality product or service.

It tends to fall within the duties for the administrative staff to make sure that the printer is loaded and operating. The reality of this however, is that very few of these professionals know anything in regards to repairing a laser printer. To this end, Lexmark provides a one-year manufacturer’s warranty with each of these printers purchased. There are phone numbers included with the documentation accompanies the printer to allow the administrative staff to contact the proper service agency for a printer repairs.

The Smartest Decision For Small Business Can Be a Lexmark Optra C510 Printer

Last Updated on April 16, 2022