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VGA Cables are extension cables which transmit video signals between PC’s or laptops and displays or projectors. They are also referred to as VGA extension, Computer Cable, Monitor cable, and VGA video cable. These cables extend the amount of distance you can separate a PC from a display, and typically can allow users to view the display up to 100 feet away from the computer. For distances over 100ft and up to 1000 ft, VGA video extender over Cat5 and UTP VGA Video Splitter Extender are recommended as VGA Cables can become costly. Construction of the VGA computer cables ensures that they provide excellent picture quality at a resolution of 1600 x 1200 without ghosting or degradation of images. These video cables are compatible with PC, SUN or MAC systems with VGA Video connectors.

Manufactured using coaxial and twisted pair signal lines plus ferrite cores on either end, these cables provide optimum video performance. Copper braiding and aluminized Mylar foil are used to shield the VGA connectors. The gold plated pins on these connectors enable noise suppression whereas the triple shielding feature ensures that there is no loss of data. These cables are constructed using the multicultural technology. These cables are UL tested and certified and are available in lengths ranging from 3 ft to 100 ft. The VGA video cable or monitor cables are available with male to male as well as male to female connectors. These connectors have 15-pins in three rows of five pins each and are found on most video cards, computer monitors, cameras, projectors and high definition televisions which support VGA connections. Their main job is to carry the analog component of the video signals.

With changes in technology, DVI cables are slowly replacing the VGA cable. However the older versions of graphics cards still use the 15 pins VGA interface to connect the video graphics controller and monitor. These cables are also priced much cheaper than those which can also transmit digital signals and are used in networking applications. VGA cables are great to use in existing applications as a cost effective solution over replacing older configurations with digital technology in order to extend the life of your projects.

VGA Cable – Enables High Resolution Video Extension

Last Updated on October 4, 2022