Ink and Toner for Northern NV Businesses

If you are a fax machine, copy machine, or laser printer owner, then you must know about some parts to these machines that you may need to replace one day. Of course with time all pieces of technology are going to run a little slower and there could be problems that pop up with small fixes that need taking care of. If you have some of the equipment yourself, it makes the repair time a lot quicker and you can save money by not hiring a repairman, or sending the machine in to someone else to fix it.

If you do own one of the above machines that use a laser, then there is a drum cartridge inside that you need to know about. This could potentially need replacing one day and you need to know a little bit about it. If you do not take care of the inside of your machine, things can build up and become old which leads to more expensive repairs later on.

The drum cartridge inside these machines is very different than the toner cartridge. This is not the place where the toner is originally stored before the printing process, that is the toner cartridge. No, the drum cartridge is the secondary storage space after the toner is electrically charged and moved from the toner cartridge in the printing process. From here, it will then be charged and fused on to the paper. It is important to remember that the drum cartridge could get old or sometimes the old toner inside gets clumpy and stuck in there. Then you will have problems with a clean printed look.

If the drum cartridge does indeed need to be cleaned instead of replaced, this is a job that you can do at home or the office by yourself. It is a fairly simple job; you just need to keep in mind how you removed the drum cartridge so you can replace it in the correct spot. Using soap and water is the best way to clean it as it will do no harm to the part. Once clean, you can replace it into your machine and start printing or coping with no problems.

Before you go about buying a new drum cartridge, you need to pay attention to what brand of machine you have because this will be a huge difference when you are buying a new one. They will need to be manufacturer compliant, so depending on what brand of machine, the drum will need to match. A lot of this has to do with size and different parts they use inside that will all have to match up perfectly. Once you have the right drum cartridge, and you know that you do need to replace it, the process is simple and you will be well on your way of printing happily once again.

What Are Drum Cartridges and Why Do We Need to Worry About Them?

Last Updated on October 4, 2022