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Do you own multiple computers at your residence and would like to join them to share important documents including music, photos, images and videos? It is possible to do this easy with just a little knowledge of computer networks. When you’re looking to set an office or home network, you need to know the basics of the server computer, client computer cable and switch etc. In this post, you’ll find all the necessary details. To get help with Network Setup, you may contact the computer repair firm.

In simplest terms, computer networks could be defined as a set of devices connected by a connection to communication medium. The network may be large or smaller, they are made up of various elements. This includes client computers server Network interface card cable and switch wireless network, and so on.

Let’s get into the discussion about client computers. Computers that utilize the service or gain accessing network resources are known as a client computer. A few examples are Folder Sharing or Printer Sharing and so on. However computers offer these services. Microsoft Windows Server 2000/2003 Linux, Novel Netware are examples of Network Operating System that are employed in servers.

To connect to the network, you need an Network Interface Card on the computer. For connecting to the network two kinds of connections are employed, wireless and cable. In general, computers make use of cables as an intermediaries. They are commonly referred to as 10BaseT. In addition there are different kinds of cables, including coaxial, which is often referred to as 10Base2.

It’s not as if each computer is connected to one another via cables. The switch is an interconnector. In recent times the majority of people are fond of wireless networks. It is a network communications medium that computers do not require cables or switches to connect to the other computers and servers. Instead, there must be a wireless network card installed on the computer that connects on the internet. When using this type to connect, it’s recommended to implement better security measures.

Let’s take a take a look at Network Topology. All computers are connected by LAN (Local Area Network). The three topologies in computer networks comprise Bus, Star and Ring. A bus network topology can be described as an example of a network architecture within a local area networks (LAN) in which each computer is linked to a common cable. It is among the most commonly used topologies for computer networks A star network consists of one central switch, hub , or computer. To connect devices coaxial cable (RG58) as well as 10Base-2 is utilized. In a ring network, computers and other devices are joined in a closed loop , and to do this cat3 UTP cable, or Token Ring is utilized.


What Are Server Computer, Client Computers and Computer Network?