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Windows Error 0×00000079 is an error that occurs whenever there are setbacks in your hardware or operating system. Oftentimes, the error is encountered when you attempt to install Microsoft Windows XP onto a PC where there is an installed Windows Server 2003.

What Causes This Error?

Typically, the dreaded “blue screen” appears every time the error arises and the usual alert is shown like this:

“STOP: 0×00000079 (0×00000003, parameter2, parameter3, parameter4)


The error message is defined as MISMATCHED_HAL (Mismatched Hardware Abstraction Layer) if the operating system loader called “Ntldr” used is older than the kernel of Windows Server 2003. With this, the system will find it difficult to access the files and settings that needs to be processed – as it doesn’t have the capacity or resources to support the new operating system.

How To Fix 0x00000079 Errors

To fix this issue, you have to replace the Ntldr file with a new copy from the latest version of the operating system. You can begin doing this by loading up the Recovery Console of Windows. Here’s what to do:

For Windows 2000, choose “R” when the welcome menu to set up appears.

This command will prompt the repair of Windows 2000.

After that, options to repair will be shown and you have to press “C” to use the recovery console in fixing the installation of Windows 2000.

The Recovery Console for Microsoft Windows 2000 will then be seen on the top portion of the black screen, and from here, choose “1C:\WINNT“.

After this, type the “Administrator password” and wait for the new instruction display on the screen that will allow you to input any legitimate command.

If you are not sure of the next command to enter, go to the “HELP” menu.

To proceed with the resolution, type c: and then hit the “Enter” tab.

Then input ‘ren ntldr oldntldr” and after that select “Enter“.

Afterwards, you have to put in the CD/DVD drive the CD-ROM of Windows Server 2003.

Once CD is inserted, type “map” and click “Enter“. Input “copy drive:\i386\ntldr” where drive is the letter of the drive where you can find the CD-ROM.

To illustrate, type “copy f\i386\ntldr” if the CD-ROM is located in Drive F. After this, type “Exit” and then click “Enter” to quit the Recovery Console. This process will most likely stop Windows error 0×00000079.

If the error persists after completing the steps, then it is most likely that you have issues in your registry. To ensure you fix this, you have to clean the registry of your PC. The “registry” is a central database that stores important files, settings, options, and information. Windows reads the necessary files in order for it to run programs through this huge database. Unfortunately, the registry gets damaged, corrupted, infected, or clogged up. As this happens, Windows will not be able to access the needed files for it to load up programs. Problems and errors will be triggered like the Windows error 0×00000079 as you may have faulty driver settings. To start the cleaning process, you have to download an effective registry cleaner tool and let it scan through your system to eliminate the errors and issues that your PC may have. Among the available registry cleaners, the highly recommended tool is the “Frontline Registry Cleaner” as this has been proven to remove 99% of the errors on your computer.

Windows 0x00000079 Error Fix – Repair 0x00000079 Error

Last Updated on April 17, 2022